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You’re Busy. Let Us Take Care Of Tax, Bookkeeping And Accounting Needs.


Do you need help filing your business taxes? Would you rather focus on your work than on accounting?  Is your business a Corporation or Partnership? Are you a sole proprietor, self-employed, or have a real estate rental? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, I am here to help! 

  • Income Tax preparation and EFILE of your Corporate Tax Return (T2)

  • Income Tax preparation and EFILE for your Personal Tax (T1), including sole proprietor, partnership, self employed, Real Estate Rentals, Professional or Business Activities

  • Review of prior year returns or CRA audits

  • Are you opening, closing, or selling a business? I can provide accounting advice for the business setup,  a business valuation, or  tax advice on the sale.


Financial reports are used to disclose a company’s performance over a certain period of time. These financial details are for management and external stakeholders (customers, investors: actual or potential), to help them gauge  the financial health of the organization.

Financial reports are often issued on a quarterly basis with a final Annual Report at the end of their fiscal year.

They typically include the following:

  • Compilation of year-end financial statements (These are financial statements compiled from the information provided by the client and are often used by small and medium sized businesses who may provide them to banks, creditors, investors, or other interested parties).

  • Compilation of year-end financial statements for tax purposes (these are required by corporations, and are part of the T2 (corporate) tax return).

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Please contact Georgian Accounting & Tax if you require assistance compiling your report. We are happy to assist you.


Are you starting a business, acquiring a business, or running an existing business?

Georgian Accounting and Tax can help you:

  • set up or adjust your accounting system so that it provides you the information you need, with the minimal amount of effort to maintain.

  • Maintain all or some of the books, and provide summarized information, for monthly, quarterly, or annual statements

  • Provide an expert opinion to help you grow your business.

I can also provide the following services for your business:

  • Year End adjustments

  • Payroll tax returns, and year-end T4 slips and summary

  • Dividend declarations including T5 preparation and filing

  • CRA tax audit – liaise with CRA in event of audit or request for information

  • WSIB account reconciliation and filing

  • GST/HST and QST filing

  • GST/HST research


Are there some aspects of the job that you enjoy, and other parts that you struggle with?

Do you need a small business accountant to help with the bookkeeping? 

I will work with you as part of your team, providing assistance with either some or all of your bookkeeping needs. I will come to your location and prepare documentation on-site, or pick up your paperwork  and prepare the documents from my office. Whatever works best for you! 

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